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Technology in the College

Merici College supports a wide range of technologies. Through experience we have found the value in investing in the very best available technology to enable the latest suite of applications to work at full capacity in our various subject areas.  This digital environment is important to prepare our students with the experience and skills that are now a norm for most households and expected of a modern 21st Century workforce.  One concrete goal is that all our Year 10 students achieve a nationally recognised vocational certificate: Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

With twenty years of experience in delivering ICT to students through our Laptop Program, Merici has an industry mapped wireless network that has been carefully designed to handle the load.  Merici has about 300 24” touch screen all-in-one desktop computers in computer labs and flexible learning spaces and six portable laptop trolleys available for in-class use.  We have a purpose built, on-site repair facility and a team of dedicated IT staff.


BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

In 2015 Merici College has moved to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. BYOD is a technological trend in both the educational and corporate worlds. The objective of the BYOD program is to engage students using their own devices to achieve learning in the classroom with technology and to enable them to continue learning anywhere, anytime.

All students will be required to have a laptop (not a tablet or phone or smart device - these may be used to supplement creativity, but not as the major item). We will publish a minimum specification in the coming months. BYOD is designed to give you, as students and families, freedom to make technology choices that suit you and your circumstances, while enabling your daughter to integrate with Merici’s digital platform.

The College will continue to provide a Laptop service, whereby we will offer families the opportunity to purchase a school approved laptop through a service providers and deliver ongoing technical support. This information should be finalised and ready in Term 3.

All students and parents must read and sign their Digital Community Agreement before being allowed to use any electronic device in class.

Any enquiries about the Bring Your Own Device program, in the first instance, should be directed to Steve Madsen, ICT Facilitator, telephone 62434192, email:

Please follow the link Year 7 Tips andTricks Parent Workshop Presentation - Bring Your Own Device to find the presentation at the Year 7 'Tips and Tricks' Parent Evening Workshop held in February.

Learning and ICT

Students are able to:

  • use ICT as a tool in relevant and challenging ways which are fully integrated into the curriculum - laptops are not used simply to replace exercise books
  • link their learning with the outside world through moderated Internet access,
  • develop co-operative learning skills,