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Vocational Education

Vocational Education at Merici College is concerned with giving students opportunities to explore the variety of education and training pathways available to them as they make the transition through Years 7-10, College and beyond.

 The  major areas of focus for the department are:

 Vocational Education

  • Australian School Based Apprenticeships, and
  • Work Experience.

 Vocational Education

Merici College is a Registered Training Organisation (88011).  It has qualified assessors to deliver the following courses:


  • Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) SIT10307
  • Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20207
  • Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) SIT20307
  • Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30707

 Business Administration

  • Certificate II in Business BSB20107
  • Certificate III in Business BSB30110

 Fashion Design

  • Certificate II in Applied Fashion and Design and Technology LMT21707

 Information Technology

  • Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICA10111
  • Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICA20111

 Sport & Recreation

  • Certificate II in Sport & Recreation SIS20310

 Library Services

  • Certificate II in Library and Cultural Services CUL20111


  • Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media) CUF20107

 Mentoring Program

  • Certificate I in Active Volunteering CHC10212

Students will also be given the opportunity to accelerate their qualifications either through the Canberra Institute of Technology or a private Registered Training Organisation.

What are VET Courses?

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses have the following characteristics that distinguish them from other courses studied . They are:

·         designed to meet industry training needs

·         supported by industry in curriculum design and course delivery

·         derived from national training packages 

·         written and assessed in competency based terms

·         designed to provide clearly defined pathways to further education, training and employment

·         accredited by the Board of Senior Studies under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) for industry

 VET courses are available in a variety of areas such as Business Administration, Hospitality, Information Technology, Fashion and Design, Sport & Recreation, Library Services, Media and Volunteering.

 Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA)

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships allow students to work for an employer and undertake training towards a recognised qualification, while completing your secondary school studies.

Why choose an School-based Apprenticeships?

  • Get experience in the workplace before you leave school.
  • Earn money for the time you spend working.


  • Train towards a qualification in your chosen career.
  • Work towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Improve your confidence.

Australian School-based Apprenticeship are a great way to make the move from school to work. They will put you a step ahead of the competition when you apply for jobs and give you the confidence to continue working or go on to further study.

There will be a Parent Information Session relating to Australian School Based Apprenticeships after the Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews.

For further Vocational Course and ASBA information email



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