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Science at Merici College aims to develop students’ innate curiosity about the world around them and enhance their appreciation and understanding of the many ways in which Science plays a role in their daily life.  Teaching and learning in Science takes place in thematic units incorporating Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy and Physics.  Science offers opportunities for students to understand scientific concepts and principles, and to appreciate the way these contribute to their personal, social, environmental, cultural and economic well being.

Tomorrow’s citizens will need to be skilled in understanding advancing technology, make informed choices in health and medicine, comprehend changes in the global environment the quality of the information they are receiving.  As a subject, science provides fundamental knowledge to understand the world and the practical and analytical tools to take an active, decision-making role in a changing world.

At Merici College, students are encouraged to be curious about the universe and to explore the role science plays in their everyday lives.  They learn to form flexible conclusions based on accumulated evidence through thinking critically, reflectively and analytically about information they encounter both inside and outside of class.