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The Languages Other Than English (LOTE) department at Merici College provides courses in Italian, Chinese, French and Japanese. Learning a second language provides many transferable skills, such as assisting students to a better understanding of their own language, as well as providing a greater appreciation of other cultures. Learning a second language helps to boost student’s self-confidence and develops more rounded people. Most employers are recognising the value of some knowledge of a second language as it provides opportunities for engaging effectively in an increasingly diverse global community.


Course Summaries

Italian Course Summary

French Course Summary

Japanese Course Summary

Chinese Course Summary


In Years 7-10 students are assessed and reported on four outcomes which assess the skills of speaking, responding (listening and reading) and writing, as well as socio-cultural understanding. ICT skills are taught and assessed in Years 7 and 8, but this outcome does not contribute to the students’ overall grade. Continuous assessment contributes to the final grade in Years 7-9. In Years 11 and 12, assessment is based on three outcomes: Oral, Written and Responding, and grades are awarded in accordance with the grade descriptors in the LOTE Framework.

ACT Government Mandarin Culture and Language Grants Program



Students Exchange Program

Study Tours

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Italian Study Tour 2014

Japan Study Tour 2013

Japan Study Tour 2015

France Study Tour 2013


Year 10 and Senior Italian excursion to Melbourne

NanJing Temple

Sydney Chinese Excursion 2014

Commedia dell’Arte Performance and Workshop


Special College Events


Languages Week - Passion for Culture



Languages Club@Merici College






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