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Integrated Humanities

Merici College has an integrated humanities program for Year 7 students. In Integrated Humanities at Merici students experience an integrated approach to the disciplines of English, History and Geography. The study of Humanities cuts across subject-matter lines, bringing together three aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association to focus on broad areas of study. This integrated approach provides students with a unified view of commonly held knowledge, allowing them to see learning links across traditional subject boundaries, and to make connections between content areas and the real world.

In Year 7, students study Integrated Mathematics & Science. Educational research supports the integration of these subjects which are traditionally distinct in high schools. It allows students structured opportunities to transfer knowledge from one area to the other and apply theoretical understanding to learning situations. Teachers work in pairs connected to each class to deliver the Integrated Maths and Science curriculum. Federal directions, however, require that students receive seperate grades and reports for Maths and Science.


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