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Global Studies

The Global Studies Department at Merici College includes History, Geography, Information Technology, Textiles, Food Technology, Consumer Education, Technology of Publication, Hospitality and Business Administration in the junior school. In the senior school Global Studies offers a wide range of subjects including Ancient History, Modern History, Business, Business Administration Studies, Legal Studies, Geography, Information Technology, Design and Graphics, Hospitality Industry Studies, Fashion and Textiles. Global Studies provides an essential part of a balanced education where all students have the opportunity to elect areas of study that develop their individual talents and offer them the opportunity to shape their individual identity. These areas develop skills and knowledge and give students the ability to clarify and articulate their attitudes, values and beliefs about themselves and others in society. It is important that students are exposed to the rapidity and magnitude of changes in all facets of society and learn strategies to live in peace and harmony in our global environment.

Year 7

All students study a compulsory term unit in both Textiles and Food Technology.

Textiles - Fun with Fabrics

In this term course, students will learn various sewing skills and techniques, including sewing machine operations while producing three practical items. These skills will give students an excellent foundation for further study in textiles as well as developing independent and organized work practices.

Food Technology - Food for Life

In this term course, students will learn the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to make good food choices and cook simple foods.  Students will study concepts such as kitchen safety and hygiene; basic food preparation skills; and managing food choices.

Year 8

All students will study compulsory semester units in Geography and History, and can choose from semester elective units in Consumer Education, Food Technology, Information Technology and Textiles.


Every student in Year 8 studies one semester of Geography.  This unit aims to help students to know where places in the world are, to better know their world through fieldwork, to better understand their environment, to make wise decisions that balance the environment and development, and to become effective citizens.


Every student in Year 8 studies one semester of History.  Students will study the Medieval World.

Consumer Education

This is an elective subject.  The semester unit will help students to develop an understanding of the consumer, money matters and the use of financial institutions.  Students will learn through reading, research, debating, role-plays and reporting.