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Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts provide guides and signposts on the road towards self-discovery, enrichment and enlightenment. We share this creative and spiritual journey. Expressive Arts at Merici College gives students the opportunity to participate in the act of creation, to recognise and extend their talents and to experience the joy of artistic expression. Individual and co-operative endeavours and achievements provide the springboard for physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth and enhance life opportunities. The arts nurture meaningful communication and the ability to work in a co-operative and considerate manner, appreciating our skills and talents.

Genesis (Origin and production)

“God saw all that he had made, and indeed it was good.”

Vision statement

‘When dreams come true there is life and joy’. (Proverbs 13:12)

The Expressive Arts Department is driven by the Catholic Ethos with a powerful call to re-shape ourselves through our dreams and aspirations in a variety of art forms.

Creativity is central to the Expressive Arts Department, which embraces Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Photography and Media. Each has its own characteristics and body of knowledge and makes its own distinctive contribution to the holistic development of the individual. The study of each discipline enriches and deepens our response to the world and fosters an understanding of the sanctity of all life on earth. Together they provide teachers and students with opportunities to develop an aesthetic sense and ownership of learning that allows each student to develop the self-discipline and drive required to become life-long learners.

Involvement in the Expressive Arts areas at Merici College enables staff and students to strive to develop their full human potential, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually supported by the principles of the Catholic Faith. The School Vision and Mission Statement, together with our own stated Vision and Mission statement underpin all the Expressive Arts policies and practices in the following ways. The Melbourne declaration on the development of confident and creative individuals states that ‘young peop

le are enterprising, show initiative and use their creative abilities’ and ‘embrace opportunities, make rational and informed decisions about their own lives and accept responsibility for their own actions.’ We believe that the opportunities which are developed in the pursuit of the Arts develops these attributes and that there is a strong connection with the discussions that Year 7 students have when they enter Merici College about Merici values and the College Vision and Mission statements, as our Vision statement’s use of Proverbs emphasises the joy in creation and production.(Melbourne Declaration. December 2008)

Sharing The Journey


Expressive Arts includes:

  • Art And Design
  • Photography
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drama