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Religious Education

All students and members of staff at Merici College are actively involved in the school’s Religious Education program. We strive to be a Christ-centred community which focuses on meeting the needs of students, parents, the Catholic community and Australian society. There is a strong emphasis at Merici College on developing awareness of communal obligations and social justice issues, and on students’ experiences as a basis for integrating faith, culture and life.

At Merici College all Religious Education units are based on the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn Religious Education Syllabus Treasures New and Old, Stages 4 and 5.

An exception occurs in Year 7, Semester 1 where Who We Are is taught.  This is an enculturation unit designed by the staff of Merici College and approved by the CEO.

Year 7

Who We Are

  • Merici Introductory Unit
  • God's Creative presence - God and God's Creation
  • Invitation to Prayer - Prayer and Celebration

Students explore and participate in the religious and spiritual traditions of Merici College.

Jesus : The Living Church

  • The Life and Times of Jesus - Jesus and Discipleship
  • Church of the Spirit - Church in the World

An introduction and exploration of the origins and structure of the Scriptures with an emphasis on Covenant.

Year 8

God and God's People

  • God of Covenant

  • Jesus the Teacher

A study of the Church to illustrate the meaning of religion and the place of religious practice in life.

Community: Past and Present

  • Sacramental Church
  • Prayer and Healing

An investigation of the concept of justice, identifying realistic and practical ways in which the Reign of God is lived today.

Year 9

Prophets, Prayers and People

  • God of Prophets
  • Being Eucharist through Prayer

Responding to contemporary issues in ways that reflect the love of God calls for courage in decision-making.

Living Compassion

  • The Good News of Jesus
  • Church and Change

An exploration of prayer and worship in World Religions promotes greater religious tolerance and understanding.


Year 10

Unity, Diversity, Morality

  • Church in Dialogue - Church in the World
  • Living as a Disciple of Jesus

The celebration of the Eucharist empowers and requires us to live the love of God in the Church and the world around us.

Celebrating Life

  • God of Life
  • A Breath of Life

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus empowers us to be a people of hope - a study of the Gospel of Luke.


Years 11 and 12

The course of study is the ACT BSSS Type 2 Religious Studies Course which may be studied as either a Tertiary or Accredited course at a major, minor or major/minor level level. Details of the Type 2 Religious Studies units are on the BSSS website.

All students in Year 11 study Search for Meaning and Encountering Ethical Issues. In Year 12 students study Social Justice in Semester 1. Students may also study units from the list provided below:

  • Christian Service
  • Religion and Media
  • Religion and Science
  • Religion, Psychology and Relationships
  • Religion, Worship and the Arts
  • Social Justice
  • Independent Study

Students choosing not to study Religious Studies as an academic subject are required to complete a Registered Unit in Community Service.

Merici College Christian Service Program

Is your daughter’s involvement in the Merici community and wider community being recognised? 

Please access the following link Christian Service Program to find out more information on the Merici College Christian Service Learning Program and the St Angela Merici Award.

On Friday 22 May, at the conclusion of our St Angela Merici Day Mass, the first five recipients of the ‘Blue Angel’ Award were named and presented with their ‘wings’. All of these students have completed over 50 hours of service to the community. 



If you wish to contact the Religious Education Department please ring or e-mail the following people:

Religious Education Coordinator: Ms Amy Connellan
Phone: 62434157

Head of Mission and Community: Ms Maria Tolfree
Phone: 62434157


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