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Merici’s focus on sustainability is evident throughout the curriculum for students across year levels. Every department incorporates content that empowers students to live more sustainable lives. Students learn skills that can be applied to environmental problems, content about environmental issues and solutions, and behaviours that help to reduce their impact on the environment. This learning is seen in humanities, mathematics, languages, technologies, creative arts, sciences, religious studies and sports. In 2016, Merici was awarded certification from ACTSmart Schools for having a curriculum focused on sustainability. To this end Merici has been awarded 3 out of 5 sustainability ‘stars’ from ACTSmart: biodiversity, curriculum and waste.

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Rebecca DeCourcy, Sustainability Officer


The Beginning

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In 2009 Merici College decided to take over the running of the school canteen in order to provide a healthy alternative for students and staff and incorporate it into Merici’s vision of a more sustainable school.

The key objectives of the Healthy Canteen Project are to:

  • provide affordable healthy food
  • enable vocational students to get industry experience whilst studying
  • encourage girls to sit and eat in a social environment
  • reduce the amount of processed and packaged foods and drinks consumed by students
  • enable the college to take positive steps towards sustainable practices to reduce, reuse and recycle

The Healthy Canteen Project has since been a catalyst for other sustainability initiatives within the school. These include the establishment of a vegetable garden, the development of a sustainability elective and working on ways to improve waste management in the school. All these activities are integrated, and are either driven by student groups or part of the school curriculum to ensure their sustainability.

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