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Departmental Information

Religious Education

All students and members of staff at Merici College are actively involved in the school’s Religious Education program. We strive to be a Christ-centred community which focuses on meeting the needs of students, parents, the Catholic community and Australian society. There is a strong emphasis at Merici College on developing awareness of communal obligations and social justice issues, and on students’ experiences as a basis for integrating faith, culture and life.


English at Merici College aims to provide our students with the means through which they will develop their individual understanding of the world. English at Merici combines work in basic skills with a wide range of literary and language experiences. Critical literacy and higher order thinking skills are also essential tools for students today. The Merici English program provides stimulating learning environments for students to gain these skills.

Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts provide guides and signposts on the road towards self-discovery, enrichment and enlightenment. We share this creative and spiritual journey. Expressive Arts at Merici College gives students the opportunity to participate in the act of creation, to recognise and extend their talents and to experience the joy of artistic expression. Individual and co-operative endeavours and achievements provide the springboard for physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth and enhance life opportunities. The arts nurture meaningful communication and the ability to work in a co-operative and considerate manner, appreciating our skills and talents.

Global Studies

The Global Studies Department at Merici College includes History, Geography, Information Technology, Textiles, Food Technology and Consumer Education in the junior school. In the senior school Global Studies offers a wide range of subjects including Ancient History, Modern History, Business Studies, Business Administration Studies, Legal Studies, Geography, Information Technology, Hospitality Industry Studies, FashIon and Textiles. Global Studies provides an essential part of a balanced education where all students have the opportunity to elect areas of study that develop their individual talents and offer them the opportunity to shape their individual identity. These areas develop skills and knowledge and give students the ability to clarify and articulate their attitudes, values and beliefs about themselves and others in society. It is important that students are exposed to the rapidity and magnitude of changes in all facets of society and learn strategies to live in peace and harmony in our global environment.

Integrated Humanities

Merici College has an integrated humanities program for Year 7 students. In Integrated Humanities at Merici students experience an integrated approach to the disciplines of English, History and Geography. The study of Humanities cuts across subject-matter lines, bringing together three aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association to focus on broad areas of study. This integrated approach provides students with a unified view of commonly held knowledge, allowing them to see learning links across traditional subject boundaries, and to make connections between content areas and the real world.


The Languages Other Than English (LOTE) department at Merici College provides courses in Italian, German, French and Japanese. Learning a second language provides many transferable skills, such as assisting students to a better understanding of their own language, as well as providing a greater appreciation of other cultures. Learning a second language helps to boost student’s self-confidence and develops more rounded people. Most employers are recognising the value of some knowledge of a second language as it provides opportunities for engaging effectively in an increasingly diverse global community.


Mathematics at Merici College develops an understanding of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics and its use of reasoning, pattern proofs, logic and structure. As well as academic mathematics we encourage students to develop skills that underpin commercial and domestic decision-making in a spirit of both honesty and confidence. They are taught to learn mathematics co-operatively, and are exposed to the idea that all children have the ability to learn mathematics. Mathematics pervades much of modern life and will continue to do so in the future.  Citizens of the future will need to be able to locate, analyse and select information and apply their learning to solve problems, distinguish between truth and falsehood, monitor data and adapt their own adult learning. At Merici we have a vision to prepare our students well for this future.

Physical, Health and Behavioural Science

The Health and Physical Education program at Merici College aims to develop the whole person physically, mentally and socially within a Christian environment whilst empowering them to think critically about key issues related to health and physical activity. Students will be given the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to lead healthy and fulfilling lifestyles in the presence of God. This will enable students to make informed decisions that support and contribute to healthy, active lifestyles and prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow as they build their futures.

Behavioural Science aims to understand the universality of human experience, as well as individual and cultural differences.  In so doing, Behavioural Science builds a bridge between scientific knowledge and vocational practice.  The subject area promotes objective thinking and evidence based research, drawing on various methods of enquiry as the basis for exploring, understanding and interpreting human behaviour.


Science at Merici College aims to develop students’ innate curiosity about the world around them and enhance their appreciation and understanding of the many ways in which Science plays a role in their daily life.  Teaching and learning in Science takes place in thematic units incorporating Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy and Physics.  Science offers opportunities for students to understand scientific concepts and principles, and to appreciate the way these contribute to their personal, social, environmental, cultural and economic well being.

Vocational Education and Careers Education

Vocational and Further Education at Merici College is concerned with giving students opportunities to explore the variety of pathways available to them as they make the transition through Years 7-10, College and beyond.

The three major areas of focus for the department are:

  • Career Education;
  • Vocational Education; and
  • Work Experience


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