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Careers Education

Careers Education

At Merici College, we provide young woman with the guidance to:

  • understand themselves, the world of work and how best to turn their aspirations into reality,
  • identify education, training and employment pathways at school and beyond school.
  • offer opportunities to engage in school-based apprenticeships or further study at a private institution in addition to the completion of the Senior Secondary Certificate.

At Merici College career development begins in the classroom or in activities associated with the school day, beginning with the Pastoral Care program. Specific strategies are employed to assist the student to reflect on herself – her personal qualities, skills, interests, values and attitudes. Personal reflection goes hand in hand with education about the world of work and careers. This is intrinsic to our Pastoral Care Program.

Careers resources are available to all Merici College students and parents.  There is a wide range of student resources available to enable students of all ages the opportunity to investigate the options available to them. 

Students have access to the Career website which is linked directly from the Merici College website. Students and parents can use this website without a password. This website has information on a whole range of career paths and institutions.


Students and parents can also access the latest information on careers through the Merici Careers Facebook page.


At Merici College careers education incorporates up-to-date, accurate and user-friendly career information. The services include:

  • a career reference area and a career section in the senior study
  • individual career counselling
  • student and parent meeting with Career Counsellor
  • Merici Career website
  • Merici Careers Facebook page
  • Monthly Careers Newsletters through the Parent newsletter and linked onto the Careers website
  • compulsory UAC presentation for Tertiary and Accredited  students
  • UAC presentation for parents of senior students
  • guest speakers at lunch
  • Merici Career Expo
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Assist students to complete UAC application
  • Subject choice counselling
  • Compulsory interviews with both Mrs McDonnell and Mr Coe for Year 10 students and parents to assist with subject selection
  • Year 10 Transitions Forum




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