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Student Services - Absentee

Student Services - Absences

Notification of Student Absences

Changes have been made in regard to notification of student absences. We can now accept emails as notification of late arrivals and absences. Previously we physically required a signed note, even if we have received verbal notification of a student’s absence. Emails can be sent to: or, however, if you prefer to send a signed note you can continue to do so. We have already started emailing the outstanding absence reports, so please check your emails and reply to the email.

In regard to early departure during the day students are required to have a note to give to their teacher to excuse them from class. If your daughter doesn’t have a note please contact Student Services as early as possible so that we can get a note to your child as it can sometimes be difficult to get girls out of lessons at short notice.


Student Services Office Hours:  Monday to Friday : 8.15am - 4.00pm

Contact Telephone Number to advise Student Absences:  6243 4165 (Message Bank).

Email address for Student Absences:

Our legal obligation as a school requires that all absenteeism is explained through a signed note by a parent/guardian.

Please click here to find the Student Absentee Note: Student Absentee Note

Please refer to the attached Student Attendance Policy Attendance - Junior Students  for further information.




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