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College/Parent Communication Protocols

"Live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will. Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, treating each other with respect, helping one another, bearing with one another in Christ Jesus…” (from the Counsels of St Angela Merici)


Merici College is committed to a partnership with parents in the education of their daughters. At Merici we welcome parent involvement and participation in the Merici community. The staff at Merici use various channels to communicate with parents and to share information pertaining to the education of the students and to the community life of the College. Our aim is to listen to and respond appropriately to all parental concerns and requests.

Principles of Communication at Merici

The objective of communication between parents and the College is always to arrive at an outcome, which enhances the learning opportunities of our students within the pastoral framework of the College.

At Merici, we are committed to open, honest and timely communication with parents. As a Catholic school we believe that communication from both the College and parents should be respectful, measured, amicable and sensitive. In adhering to these principles we aim to strengthen the goodwill and the positive partnership between parents and the College, to enhance the well being of students and to provide quality educational outcomes.

Teachers’ Responsibilities in Communicating with Parents

  1. Teachers’ response to parental enquiries by phone or email should be prompt – within forty-eight hours.
  2. Teachers should maintain accurate and thorough records of student progress and student concerns.
  3. When possible, teachers should communicate positive feedback to parents.
  4. When a concern arises, teachers should seek advice from the appropriate Coordinator and then contact parents as appropriate.
  5. If needed, a teacher may ask parents to attend a meeting with the student and Coordinator to seek clarification or resolution or establish a plan of support for the student.
  6. If the matter is in need of further discussion or resolution, the assistance of a member of the Executive will be sought.

Parents’ Responsibilities in Communicating with the College

  1. When a concern or query arises, parents should communicate with the classroom teacher or pastoral care tutor in the first instance by phone or email.
  2. Because of the difficulties of arranging interviews for teachers in a timetabled teaching day, parents are requested to seek a mutually convenient meeting time with the staff member involved to discuss concerns.
  3. If the matter remains unresolved, parents should advise the teacher that they would like a further meeting on the matter with the appropriate Coordinator.
  4. If the matter is in need of further resolution, the assistance of a member of the College Executive will be sought.
  5. Parents are urged to regularly seek information from the established channels of communication:
    • The Merici Website
    • The College Newsletter , Building Futures, which is sent home seven times during the year.
    • Parent/Teacher Evenings (Terms 1 and 3)
    • Your daughter’s Moodle page for each subject .

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