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Values Education

Here at Merici we have a very strong culture of teaching and learning and our Principles of Powerful Learning (PPL) and Values statements have been actively in place within the College for many years. They underpin our core business and inform our foci each year.

It was decided last year in 2010, that to make the Principles of Powerful Learning and our Values statements more meaningful to all Merici girls and that that we would look closely at them throughout the year.

In doing this investigation over all 4 terms, we were able to develop a new student derived set of learning principles and values statements to which all students subscribe. The process allowed each student to make comment about each of the existing PPL’s and Values statements and re write them into accessible language.

All students from years 7-12 participated in this activity during Pastoral Care time and over the year we produced many drafts which were refined into a comprehensive document which now takes pride of place in the planner and on the walls within the school. In doing this all students are now stakeholders of our core values and beliefs and whilst these values and principles have always existed, they are now real, they have deep meaning and can be lived within the student community.

It is hoped that students feel pride in their school and can use these statements to inform their decisions and their experiences here at Merici. For more information on our Principles of Powerful Learning and Value statements please click here.


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