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Senior Studies

ACT Qualifications

Students at Merici College study courses accredited by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS). Students may be issued the following qualifications and statements.

  • ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and Record of Achievement
  • Tertiary Entrance Statement
  • Statement of Achievement
  • VET Certificates and Statements of Attainment

Further information about these qualifications can be found on the BSSS website - ACT Qualifications

Please Note

As a result of the Review of Certification in 2014, there are significant changes in the naming of credentials in 2015.

  • A testamur named the "Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Certificate" will be introduced and will sit side by side with;
  • A record of results named the "Australian Capital Territory Senior Secondary Record of Achievement" (previously called the ACT Year 12 Certificate)
  • The name of the Tertiary Entrance Statement will remain unchanged.
  • A record of results named the "Australian Capital Territory Statement of Achievement" (previously called the Australian Capital Territory Secondary College Record") will be issued to students who do not qualify for a certificate.

What's on offer for our students?

Merici College offers a quality and wide range of courses that satisfy accreditation with the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS). Students can select a combination of ‘Accredited’, ‘Tertiary Accredited’, ‘Vocational’, ‘Modified’, ‘University’ and ‘Registered’ courses that provide excellent preparation for further study at university, CIT, NSW TAFE colleges and business colleges, as well as direct employment after Year 12. Designated staff to assist students with their course choices are the Deputy Principal Learning, the Head of Senior College, and the Vocational and Careers Advisor.

Students at Merici College choose six subjects in Year 11 in order to gain a broad educational experience. Students must study English and Religious Education as two of their six subjects and the study of Mathematics is highly recommended. In Year 12, students who are in a completing a tertiary package may move to five subjects provided they have discussed this with the Deputy Principal Learning. Religious Education can be studied as a minor and completed in Year 11, and English is continued in Year 12 as a major. Please find more information on the senior curriculum in the following documents:

Senior Assessment Handbook 2015

Senior Handbook and Course Outlines 2015

Senior Handbook and Course Outlines 2016

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Merici College also offers five Vocational courses (Textiles and Fashion, Hospitality, Business Administration, Information Technology, and Sport Fitness and Administration). These courses contain industry-recognised national modules that articulate into many CIT and TAFE courses. Students have the opportunity to earn a Certificate II in these areas and gain preference in entry to CIT.

The College’s Senior and Course Outlines Handbook (PDF 1.16MB) contains descriptions of each course together with important information regarding the senior college system in the ACT.

ANU College

Merici students have the opportunity to apply to the ANU College to study as part of their Year 12 Certificate. Areas on offer as minors include Chemistry, Conservation Biology, Japanese, Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Indonesian, Chinese, Astrophysics, Engineering and Advanced Music. Students must be studying an