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Welcome from Deputy Principal Learning

“Building Futures”

Merici College is a great school and this can be attributed to its emphasis on teaching and learning, in an environment that both physically and emotionally supports the education of girls. The staff is committed to continual development of teaching expertise and is focused on the needs of the students. Merici seeks to nurture within each of our students a life-long love of learning, an ability to think critically and independently and a belief in their own potential. We promote excellence and work with our students to build confidence and success. Staff endeavour to work in partnership with students and their parents.

The curriculum at Merici College is designed to develop responsibility for active learning, with students becoming increasingly involved in the choice of, and commitment to, their own program of study. As a College catering for students from Years 7 to 12, we have the advantage of being able to systematically align the sequence of learning to foster high level skill development. We are able to track our students’ achievements, both through our own assessment procedures and utilising NAPLAN results, and build on foundational skills to maximize student learning through to the senior years. Knowing our students and their strengths and requirements allows us to support learning to help all students to achieve a level of success commensurate with their efforts.

Our innovative curriculum is based on the Principles of Powerful Learning. These Principles were developed by staff in 2005 and continue to develop as we respond to local and national education initiatives. We work from a core of Christ-centred relationships demonstrated through a culture of dynamic learning and effective teaching and learning processes. We have a strong belief that all students can learn and have responsibility for their own life-long learning. In 2010, students rewrote the Principles of Powerful Learning in language that is meaningful to adolescent-aged students. One Principle is identified as a focus each term, giving both staff and students an opportunity to explore this Principle in depth. This dynamic approach means the Principles of Powerful Learning are current and remain central to best practice teaching at the College.

Our curriculum incorporates the Essential Learning Achievements, essential content and skills for all students up to Year 10, as required by the ACT Curriculum Framework “Every Chance to Learn”. We are now in the processes of assessing the requirements of the “Australian Curriculum” in English, History, Mathematics and Science, evaluating our current programs and looking to embrace the flexibility offered by the new curriculum. This process offers a valuable opportunity to further strengthen our Integrated Humanities and Integrated Maths and Science programs in Year 7. We plan to implement the Australian Curriculum in Years 7 and 9 in 2012, with full implementation in 2013, ahead of the national agenda. I look forward to this whole process as Merici College is a school with a passionate and committed staff and a student body focused on learning!

Please follow the link to find more information on curriculum.

Dr Ann Cleary
Deputy Principal Learning

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