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Staffing Vacancies

General Information for Prospective Applicants for Positions

Merici College is an all girls’ 7-12 Catholic college committed to excellence in the education of girls, striving to assist all students to develop their potential academically, spiritually, culturally, physically and socially through innovative programs.

The College focuses on all aspects of learning through its Principles of Powerful Learning. We aim at empowering students to become responsible for their own learning, working in partnership with teachers to maximise the results of the efforts they make as learners. Powerful Learning incorporates concepts such as Blooms Taxonomy, metacognition, the explicit teaching of skills, catering for individual learning styles and abilities through differentiating the curriculum, a whole school approach to literacy and numeracy and meaningful assessment. 

Merici College has been at the forefront of the use of technology to enhance learning, running an optional laptop program since 1994. It is committed to the integration of technology across the curriculum for all students and has state of the art facilities.


Employment Opportunities at Merici College

Merici advertises teaching and support positions through ‘Teachers on Net’ and the ACT Catholic Education Office as listed below.


To apply for a vacant position you need to download paperwork from the CEO website to accompany your application:


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