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"I like how the teachers help to make everything easier, how the winter uniform because they keep us cosy, the variety of sport and how we get to interact with our brother school Marist."
  Year 8 Student

"One of the things I like about Merici is the kind people who help you in the corridor and the caring environment around the school. Sarah Jackson Year 7 Seiwa 6. At Merici there are so many sports and electives to participate in."
Year 7 Student

"Having the opportunity to play in the Merici band and participate in drama performances has helped to develop my confidence. Having these skills will help me achieve my ambitions and prepare me for life outside Merici."
Year 10  Student

"When I first came to Merici College I was nervous. I met some friends and the friendly people in the corridors and they helped me find my way around the enormous school. I feel good about my choice of coming to Merici." Year 7 Student

"Once I settled into Merici we had skills day. It was great and helped me with tips of how to handle assignments and studying for tests. I also made a couple of new friends. I have enjoyed my experience at Merici and hopefully it will stay that way."
  Year 7 Student

"When I came to Merici, the support of teachers and students were really good. They were welcoming, organised, supportive and friendly. The pastoral care teachers were very supportive and when I had endless questions, they always answered with helpful and understanding answers. My class teachers were very helpful and sup0portive for when I didn’t understand instructions. The support of Merici has been more than I can ask for and I am very happy at Merici."
Year 8 Student

"I like how Merici has a very strong sporting system. There are many opportunities for students involved in Merici Sport. I recently returned from a school netball trip in Hawaii. I learnt a lot about the Hawaii people and shared a lot of memorable experiences with my peers. There are also many day carnivals you can represent your school in sports such as Netball, Soccer, AFL and running. I am also part of one of the weekend netball teams and Merici always do very well on the ladder."
Year 9 Student

"There are many things we like about Merici. These are: Sporting teams, Camp, Skills days, Retreat, Canteen, Ice Skating, and Year 8 Day."
Year 8 Student

"There are so many things I like about Merici but the favourite thing I have like so far is St Angela Merici Day. When I was in Year 8, a lady came in and she taught us to love our bodies and personalities. She told us we were all beautiful in our own way. Since that day I have not doubted how I feel about my body."
Year 8 Student

"I feel very comfortable around the school grounds. I have built so much confidence over the years. The people that I have met have made most of me today, happy and cheerful and friendly."
Year 7 Student

"What I like about Merici is the chance to be creative in your own way in subjects like textiles, art, music and many other subjects. I have good relationships with my peers, friends and teachers. My friends are always there for me and always make me happy."
Year 10 Student


"Merici offers a range of activities in school and out of school. Everybody in the school is really friendly and helpful and I love the range of sports that the school has. Everybody is supportive and everybody looks out for each other."
Year 8 Student

“Merici’s vertical grouping in Pastoral Care is great, allowing older students to develop their leadership skills and to be role models, instilling a larger sense of community and belonging which builds school spirit.”
Year 12 student

“I like how welcoming and kind all the students are towards each other.  It’s a really happy place where I always feel at home.”
Year 8 student

At Merici, we do not only acquire knowledge in the classroom, but grow as a person through every aspect of our school life.  The community environment and sense of belonging we experience here at the College support us as individuals in our journey towards adulthood.”
College Captain 2017

“I like our Pastoral Care System.  I can say with confidence that I know everyone in our year, and the majority of the two years above and below us.  We get along really well too so that is a bonus!”
Year 11 student

“Being in an all-girls school brings about a feeling of comfort and unity.  It is like we are one big family and we don’t have the pressures of trying to impress boys, or have the distraction of boys either!”
Year 11 student

“It’s great because we get the feeling of responsibility – knowing that the younger ones look up to us – that we have to set a good example.”
Year 11 student

“Because there are fewer students I find teachers have more time for me and I am not left alone in handling the more difficult senior years.”
Year 11 student

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