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Year 10 and Senior Italian excursion to Melbourne

When you think of an Italian class going on excursion to Melbourne to experience Italy in Australia, you’d think it almost impossible, but you are wrong. Australia is one of the most multicultural and diverse countries in the world. To experience the culture of another country in Australia you don’t actually have to go very far at all. Our Year 10 and Senior Italian excursion to Melbourne opened our eyes to the diverse Italian culture prevalent in Australia today and the influences that Italy has had on the production and development of our rich and vibrant food culture. Carlton is the ‘Little Italy’ of Melbourne and our trip provided us with an amazing food tour where we experienced traditional sweet, savoury and flavoursome Italian delicacies such as bread, gelato, coffee, pastries, cheese, cannoli, freshly-made mozzarella and much more.  This food tour provided students with an insight into the rich food culture of Italy and how many of the foods we eat today have been influenced by the waves of Italian migration many years ago.














Students also visited the Victorian Immigration Museum where they learnt about not only Italian Immigration to Australia and Melbourne in particular, but the many waves of migration from people all over the world which combine to make up Australia. Particular emphasis was made of the waves of refugee migration across two centuries that have contributed to the making of the culturally diverse country we enjoy today.

Highlights of the excursion were: catching the train at 1.20am from Yass Station, the Carlton Food Tour, experiencing the award-winning pizza restaurant 400 Gradi , the Immigration Museum and participating in the viewing of an Italian film as part of the Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2015. All in all, there could not have been a more Italian experience to  be had outside of Italy. The educational experiences of these days away from school taught us so much about our own culture, the Italians and the other cultural groups that all contribute to make Australia great.

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