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Commedia dell’Arte Performance and Workshop

On Tuesday 8 September, 107 Italian students and Profs Conte and Martiniello, travelled to Saint Francis Xavier College in Florey for a Commedia dell’Arte Performance and Workshop. The students from Years 8 to 11 were treated to the Italian Theatre Troup Fondazione AIDA based in Verona.

Tristiano Martinelli, from Mantova, was the first to use masks as part of a dramatic performance and “The Dream of Harlequin” was his story. He later developed the Harlequin – the most well-known character in Commedia. Commedia dell’Arte developed in Italy as a type of improvised comedy in the 15th Century. The Commedia actors could play a series of characters and they changed according to their mask – as was explained by Artistic Director, Roberto Terribile.

Students watched a performance in Italian and English about the origins of the Commedia. After the performance, Year 9-11 students participated in a workshop. We are very grateful to Saint Francis Xavier College for their collaboration with us on this worthwhile event.


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