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About the iC

Q When is the iC open?
A The iC opens at 8.30 am each weekday. The iC closes at 5.00 pm from Monday to Thursday and at 4.00 pm on Friday.  The iC is closed Monday recess.  

Q Can I come to the iC during class time? 
A Yes, you will need a note signed by your teacher and you will need to sign in at the Teacher Librarian desk.

Q Is there a quiet place I can work in the iC at lunchtime? 
A Yes, the iC lab is available for quiet, peaceful work.  Please respect other students in the iC lab by working quietly.

Q What can I do in the iC after school? 
A Please sign in to the iC when you arrive after the bell. You may work or read quietly by yourself.

Q Can I photocopy and print in the iC?
A Yes.

Q Does the iC have a lost and found?
 A Yes. Ask for lost items at the Circulation Desk unclaimed items are taken to Student Services.


Q What is the borrowing time period?

 · Most books are available for loan for two weeks and are renewable. 

 · Magazines are available for loan for 3 days.

 · DVDs  can be borrowed overnight only by seniors 

 · Kobo Readers are available for 1 week renewable

 · Newspapers are for use in the iC only.

Q How do I know if I have overdue items?

 · You can log onto Oliver to check your overdues, reserves and current loans.

 · You will receive regular email notices and a print out of overdues once a term in PC.

Q How many resources may I borrow? 
You can borrow ten items. We do appreciate prompt return of resources

Q Do I need to have an ID card when I want to borrow?
It is preferred that students carry their ID card when borrowing.

Q What happens if I lose a resource?

Report the loss to the iC staff

Q How can I renew a loan?
Ask the staff at the circulation desk for help

Catalogue use

Q Where is the catalogue? 

· In iC reading there are 3 computers dedicated to accessing the catalogue.

· On the ZENworks window on any computer in the  school

·  Online through LibGuides on the Merici Website (

 Q How do I find newspaper articles?  

· IniC Reading