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Inclusive Education







Merici College believes that all students can learn and acknowledges different learning styles. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and we attempt to develop enthusiasm, enjoyment and love of learning.

We recognise that within the College community there will be some students with special learning needs, who will need extra support to enable them to achieve to the best of their ability. ESP (Educational Success Program) is a multi-faceted approach to supporting students with their learning.

The Learning Support Team at Merici offers support to students with sensory, physical or intellectual disabilities. These fall into the following categories:

Students with disability

Students with a disability: as identified by the Catholic Education Office (as required by the Australian Government definition) are offered:

These students are offered:

  • Individual learning plans
  • Appropriately modified content
  • Appropriate teacher and/or classroom support using Learning Support Teacher Assistants

Students with identified learning difficulties