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Co-Curricular Opportunities

2018 Activities Expo: Getting Active and Involved!

Belonging to a community and been actively involved brings a whole lot of benefits not only to the individual but also enriches the community. On Thursday 1 March 2018 Merici College showcased all the wonderful co-curricular activities that students could become involved in through the Activities Expo, with over 31 activities on offer.

Activities include:

Co-Curricular Sport: AFL, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Futsal, Snowsports, Waterpolo, Rowing, Dragon Boating, Marist/Merici Sailing Club, Hockey, Tennis and Fitness Club.

Narragunnawali: The group fosters equal and respectful relationships between all cultures at Merici and seeks to ‘close the gap’ in education for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Reconciliation is for all members of our Merici community, students, families and staff from all cultural backgrounds.

Expressive Arts:  Gle@m, Dance Troupe, Art Club, Vocal Group, Creative Media, Music (Beginner Cello, String Ensemble, Beginner Violins and Viola, Choir, Senior Band, Junior Band, Jazz Band)

Other Interest Groups: Cross-Age Tutoring, Gaming Group, Duke of Edinburgh, Spotlight Crew, Narragunnawali, Angela’s Angels, Social Justice, Student Representative Council, Book Club, Digital Detox, Cosy Café.

 We encourage our students to become involved in at least one co-curricular activity. If any student missed out on signing up at the Expo, it’s not too late. Messages are placed in the Daily notices inviting students to participate in activities as they occur.

We would like to extent our thanks to all our Co-Curricular facilitators and students for supporting the Expo and hope you have a great year.

Merici College Co-Curricular Code of Conduct 2018



Basketball, Netball, Co-curricular Volleyball 2018, Rowing, Dragon boating

Andrew Blakey


PC Fothergill

Water Polo

Andrew Blakey

Fitness Club

Mark Chifley


Andrew Blakey


Andrw Blakey


Diana Davis/Adrian Heim

Duke of Edinburgh

David Rodda

Marist/Merici Sailing Club

Robyn de Puit





Music:  Beginner Cello, String Ensemble, Beginner Violins and Viola, Choir, Senior Band, Junior Band, Jazz Band

Beth Way

Dance Troupe

Laura Pearce


Andrew Blakey






Jennifer Wright

Cross Age Tutoring

Sarah Cusack


Renee Taylor

Sew for Community

Corinne Preston

Social Justice

Amy Connellan


Virginia McLeod

Merici Book Club

Ann Blakey


Bec DeCourcy

Gaming Group

Oliver Barlow

Cosy Café

Ann Blakey

Digital Detox

Ann Blakey

Spotlight Crew

Jennifer Wright

Art Club

Liz Igoe-Taylor

Vocal Group

Clare Freeman






















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