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2016 Annual Report

Welcome to our school!

If you visit us you will discover a Year 7-12 Catholic girls' College delivering innovative education empowering students to build their futures. Every cent that comes into the school is spent on education and our facilities testify that we are technology-rich and constantly evolving. Positioned adjacent to the city in inner Canberra, we are proudly inclusive and foster best practice in girls’ education through a focus on our Principles for Powerful Learning. We support students with needs and extend students with our challenge program.

In 2016 is we celebrated the year of Love and Mercy. The Love came from our mission statement to “Love Life” and Mercy came from the Jubilee Year proclaimed by Pope Francis – “the Year of Mercy”. One of the highlights for this year will be our pilgrimage to St Christopher’s Cathedral and the Mass we celebrated together on St Angela Merici Day. Merici's Social Justice and Christian Service Learning response to the Works of Mercy have continued to be a strong way for us to into action on the values of faith, hope and love which we are called to respond to each and every day.
The big areas of focus for 2016 have been the implementation and review of the new timetable, it has received positive ve feedback, with initial concerns about the lost of parity being offset by new electives and greater flexibility. Committees were established to review the reporting system and redesign the Principles of Powerful Learning and have an agreed practice across departments on the rubrics used for assessments across the College. All of these new ini a ves have endorsed and supported by staff and parents.
Merici College continues to challenge our student to build wondrous futures.

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