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Extravadancer 2016 - Tickets on Sale Now!

Steve Biddulph presents Raising Girls - Merici College

Scholarship Recipients for International Study Program with NASA USA

Congratulations to Merici College students Jade Esler (pictured left) and Chloe Jones (pictured right) who are the ACT recipients of the full scholarship through the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia  for the NASA Trip to the USA in December this year. Congratulations girls!


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A couple of weeks ago Merici College’s Sustainability team, ‘SAM’, entered a competition organised by Officeworks and TerraCycle Australia (a sustainability/ recycling business) where we entered a photo showing how we reduce waste at our school. The competition raised awareness of the great work that our schools and universities are doing in Australia, and to reward local #ECOHEROES.  We are very excited to announce that Merici College, together with Sandgate District State High School, QLD and St Ignatius College, NSW have been named the winners of the challenge.


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