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Merici College - Building futures

Our Lenten journey begins for 2016

Today the Merici school community reaffirmed the importance of Ash Wednesday in our Church and the community engaged and reflected on their lives and relationship with one another. The thematic material used through the Rites of Ashes included renewal, compassion for ourselves and others, listening to our hearts and strengthening our spirituality. Each Pastoral Care class received the Ashes in the morning and a special liturgy was held for staff members before the start of their school day.

C4 Combined Catholic Colleges Concert

The C4 Combined Catholic Colleges Concert will be held in Catholic Schools Week on Thursday 10 March 2016.  This year the performance will be held at the Canberra Theatre.  Merici will be hosting this event.  In previous years, the concert has featured a jazz band, concert band, and concert choir.  In 2016 dance will also be represented at the concert.


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