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Design Competition for New College Bus

We are running a competition for all students to come up with design concepts for our new College bus. For your chance to win $200, we would like you to design the external livery.

Sports, Fitness and Administration students out and about!

As part of our unit on the Sports industry and keeping up with current and emerging community trends, the Sports, Fitness and Administration class has been on several recreation excursions.

Sustainability in the Merici Curriculum

Merici’s focus on sustainability is evident throughout the curriculum for students across year levels. Every department incorporates content that empowers students to live more sustainable lives.

Enlighten Education Workshop June 2016

On Monday 20 June, parents and students attended an Enlighten Education Day with guest speaker and facilitator Dannielle Miller. Dannielle is one of Australia's foremost educators, authors and media commentators on teenagers, for a presentation on issues affecting our daughters in today's society.


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